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What’s in the Studio?

Bon appetit!

No, I’m not going to tell you about a great meal I just had, or a special recipe… although that sounds like a delicious topic… 🍴🥂

I’m going to give you some juicy details that I know you’ll gobble right up if you have any shopping you need to do. 👀

You see, I’m always looking for new art lovers and ways to get my work “out there.”  I always have more ideas than time to execute them.  And, I always want more clarity and organization in, well, everything….  So when it comes to shopping, that’s not really any different.   😲

I want to see the big picture, weigh my own options, and hone in on exactly what I’m looking for…quickly and painlessly…  After watching how Amazon grew and dominated online shopping over all these years, it’s certainly clear that other shoppers obviously want that too.  🤜🤛

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you may have noticed the various changes that have taken place on my website, as I continued to create new work, try out new ideas, expand my brand and artwork into new markets, invent new collections…and the list goes on… 📜

So, in case you haven’t browsed lately, or if you have and are wondering what’s going on, I’ve been “cleaning up the kitchen.” The site is now truly organized like an artist’s co-op with a variety of individual creative studios where you can hang out, go shopping, or engage with conversation.  😍

To start, you’ll find three main and distinctly separate sections, or what I like to call the “Holy Trinity.”  🧐

That simply translates into top level sections about me, others, and our conversations… You know…sort of like being part of a neighborhood art club… 😊


Studio Home

This is home plate.

The center of it all... the tree where everything else branches out.

It's the inside scoop for all my current projects and collections, as well as those works made and sold by me personally.

It is where all the creativity happens and everything else flows from there.

This is where all my designs begin before distributing to other partners and resources.


Marketplace Partners

This is the club's Shopping Mall.  It features galleries of all my current production partners that make and ship my work directly through their venues.  When buying directly through them, you get the best price and the shortest "turn around" time along with their purchase guarantees.  

You'll find this section organized by "store," product type, market, and category.  It makes browsing the "big picture" easy, satisfying, and efficient. 


Community Blogs

The Art Lovers Club section is like the local coffee shop and artist hangout where all the news and announcements can be found... and anything else I can find to talk about... 

It's an Art & Fashion Magazine for those who are interested in my artwork, studio activities, or personal stories, opinions, and blogs. 

It shares information about my studio, work, and designs.  It also features any important announcements and new articles I've written.

Signature Collections

Alphabetical Site Map

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