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Sun, Moon & Stars Square Silk Scarf

Sun, Moon & Stars Silk Scarf

36 x 36 inches

from $109

Scarves are our favorite accessories.

Above all, they can be your signature or they can be purely functional.

Own just a few or an entire collection. It doesn’t matter. So just make sure there’s enough variety for your entire wardrobe all year round.

Scarves create and enhance new color schemes with every imaginable outfit.

They dramatize and set the mood of every outfit. Therefore, you can create a light and springy, sizzling with romance, or dark and dramatic look.

Scarves are versatile and functional, as well as, classy and purely compositional.

In addition, they make the perfect gift.

Any way they’re used, you’ll add beauty, style and endless options to your wardrobe.

So get creative with any of these beautiful and luscious original scarves.

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