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The Seductive Art of Scarves

The Seductive Art of Scarves

If you could choose just one accessory to have in your closet, what would it be? I would choose a scarf.  Why?

They ALWAYS fit, no matter how much the scale fluctuates. They give a pop of color and visual interest that makes every outfit amazing, no matter how conservative or plain. They’re the most versatile piece you’ll ever have in your wardrobe because it can be a decorative accessory and an article of clothing.

So many ways to use them

Around your neck to frame your outfit

Folk Art Floral Blue Chiffon Shawl Scarf

As a shawl for layered warmth

Peacock Wings Long Silk Scarf

As an evening stole to elevate your look

Pink Angel Wings Square Scarf

As a dress

as a bandeau top

As a bandeau top

scarf as beach cover up

As a beach cover up

Decorate your purse, tote, or luggage

Blue Angel Wings Long Scarf

As a skirt

scarf as head band

As a head band

As a hair tie

As a hair braid

Scarf as Head Wrap

As a head wrap

Total Versatility with Scarves

Infinite ways to tie them

They create a completely
different outfit each time

The perfect gift

Appropriate at any age

Make It Your Statement Piece

Extra long or oversized scarves can be your statement piece by pairing them with minimal pieces, jeans, and jackets.

Scarf under the collar

Under the collar makes basic garments fresh & stylish

Scarf under a belt

Under a belt slenderizes with length, accentuates the waist, and creates a new look

Ummm…back in the day when home decor was a luxury for most of us college students, we’d drape them over lamps and window shades to make things more homey and romantic. 

Does anyone still do that?

Beautiful scarves are truly coveted works of art so they make lovely wall hangings.

I STILL use them as table runners and buffet coverings when creating a festive or themed party display.


My favorite accessory

I just love scarves. They’re my favorite accessory and I guess you can see why.

I use them for practically everything…including tying them around an extra special gift to create a showpiece bow.  They can even be the gift wrap itself. Either way the scarf adds an extra gift bonus.

scarf as gift wrap

Phenomenal Ways to Tie Scarves

I can’t get enough of these awesome ways to tie a scarf as a head dress.  Aren’t these just fascinating?  I’m mesmerized.

This is a marvelous video on Facebook showing some very crafty and unusual ways to tie scarves as both neck and bodice styles:

yours truly, deb schlier

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