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Calling All Bag-A-Holics

For those with a serious addiction for bags

Original Accessories by deb schlier

Yes, that’s right. My name is deb. And, I’m a bag-a-holic … OK, there. I’ve said it.

I think it’s the same reason I love shoes so much. They always fit no matter what the scale says. And functional. I’m a little neurotic when it comes to organization. Speaking of my fanatical organization fetish, I once had a boyfriend who said there was a name for people like me… although he never said what it was… Besides that, I really do like being organized especially with purses and bags for both traveling and getting through the work week, sanely.

There’s nothing worse than having to hold up the line by digging down into that bottomless black hole and not being able to quickly get to your bus pass… or phone…or cash…or keys…or glasses… Whatever it is, you get the picture. And it’s always when there’s a string of people waiting behind you, then putting their hands on their hips with a loud sigh, and ultimately rolling their eyes while they shoot daggers into the back of your neck. I loathe being the one holding up the line worse than the one who actually does it ahead of me.

That’s one reason I love purses and pouch organizers so much. Besides just being addicted to purses (bag-a-holic, remember?) I love organizational tools as much as I love to be organized. I wonder if there’s a name for people who are also addicted to matched sets?

Tropical Magic Statement Bag
Tropical Magic Statement Bag

Seriously though, creating a great handbag is like creating a piece of sculpture. It has to fit its space “just right.” And in the case of a bag-a-holic, it has to have ultimate functionality.

I guess all women are at least a little bit obsessed with purses and handbags. Almost all the ones I know, anyway. We’re always looking for just the right one that works just right.

It’s like being Goldilocks with the three bears. One’s too heavy, one’s handles are too short… Where’s that one that’s just right?

I finally found the formula. I’ve tried bags with all sorts of pockets and sections, but those are too hard to keep organized because you have to be so fussy (while in a hurry) so nothing EVER gets back into its one-and-only place.

I’ve loved leather bags, and, bags with all sorts of hardware and glam, but by the time you get all your personal gear loaded up those are just too heavy to carry around all day.

You name it, I’ve tried them all. I’ve learned to just go for a specific size, shape and material, then let mother nature take its course.

Here’s my solution. I use zippered travel organizers with an ample Statement Bag or Crossbody Tote. They’re both beautiful and super functional. The statement bag has just the right amount of leather details without making it too heavy.  And, zippered pouches keep everything sorted and organized without having to be exact with all kinds of specific pockets and all.

  1. Cosmetics and/or personal items in one (or two).
  2. Cards, coins, and cash in another small one.
  3. And a third one for miscellaneous things I don’t use that often but still need to have on hand or carry with me.  It keeps them all bundled together and out of everything else’s way.
  4. I also sometimes use one just for mail, coupons, and paperwork when I need to carry them for more days than a quick errand or trip to the post office. Keeping them inside a closed pouch keeps them from getting gnarly, dirty and torn.
Zipper Pouch Purse Organizers
Zipper Pouch Purse Organizers

Using this method keeps all “like things” together and so much easier to pull out just what you need by grabbing the correct organizer which is either by its size, color, or fabric design. It also makes it so easy to switch purses when you’re trading out for a special outfit.

An extra big bonus:  The next time you drop your purse, your entire life won’t be spilling out all over creation spreading all your dark little secrets for the world to see.

There’s plenty of sizes and styles to choose from so you’ll be able to fully account for everything you need to carry in your purse.

Okay, that’s my scoop for today.  I’d love to get your opinion. Do let me know what you think. Especially if you have a terrific idea to share or even a special request. Our specialty is fulfilling custom orders.

And, don’t forget to spread a little magic wherever you go.

yours truly, deb schlier

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