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How to Dress Up and Still Be Yourself

When you need to be glam yet comfortable without trying too hard

We all have them. Certain days or events when you just can’t throw on those comfy yoga pants and cuddly tees you love so much and totally be yourself. You know what I’m talking about. Clothes that let you forget that you’re wearing them so you can focus on what you’re doing without even being conscious they’re there. They’re that comfortable, that much your personal style, and they let you be free to think and do other things without even being aware of them.

Then there’s those other days. A big team meeting, dinner with the boss, appointment with a client, lunch with your mother-in-law, and a host of other days when your favorite lounging duds just won’t cut it because you have to appear competent and look the part instead of slouchy, sporty, or overly casual.

The Problem

So what’s the problem? Being dressed up is so uncomfortable, confining, and fussy with all those fitted layers, refined fabrics, and overly structured cuts. You’re constantly tugging at them or smoothing them out, and, you certainly don’t have the physical flexibility you need for bending and stretching your way through a busy day. Yet you still need to be taken seriously while feeling relaxed and “at home” in your own outer layers.

There’s good news. You can still look great AND be comfortable at the same time by rounding out your capsule wardrobe with a few easy pieces . Clothing made especially for “60 second outfits” dress you up, AND, still feel comfortable and casual at the same time. They go from day to night effortlessly and accessorize beautifully without having to work that hard or make a lot of decisions. Statement pieces coordinate perfectly with dozens of basic pieces already in your wardrobe to multiply the number of outfits made by those basic pieces. 

Business Professional to Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe
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Business Professional to Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe
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Business Professional to Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe
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Take Advantage of Patterns

Patterns are your secret weapon. They make for super easy “dressing up” without an ounce of effort.

Pairing a gorgeous print with solid-toned basics gives you instant “wherever” style, glamour, and class. The fashion industry is flooded with mediocre pattern design, garish prints, and worn-out motifs that just look cheap and second-rate which is why so many women shy away from them altogether. But you don’t have to be one of them. If chosen strategically, they can be your secret weapon to dressing like a work of art, giving your outfit a first-class polish, and finishing your wardrobe with professional and tasteful style.

Our artisanal textile designs are made to create an upscale look that instantly dresses you up without compromising comfort. Our fabrics are extra luxurious with a silky hand feel. And our cuts are super simple so you won’t be tugging and pulling at your clothes all day. Altogether you have an outfit that speaks volumes about your competence, your self-confidence, and, your classic yet simple style.

Basic Capsule Wardrobe

When defining your Basic Capsule Wardrobe, the key is to select pieces that are the right size and fit you properly. Look for stretch fabrics that have a refined finish when possible. Since these are your key pieces, spend a little more for good quality. With the proper fit, fabric and cut, these will be your go-to pieces and you want them to hold up well and last for a good number of years.

When your Basic Capsule Wardrobe is complete, it’s just a matter of accessorizing with the proper tops, scarves and shoes. Note how beautiful timeless patterns change the mood while adding interest to an outfit that’s a solid, neutral tone.  Each pattern gives you a completely different look when worn with the same basic wardrobe pieces.

To make the outfit a little more casual, mix and match your basics so you have a different color on top and bottom, then add a coordinating printed piece to finish creating visual interest and defining color balance. Two different solid colors with a print creates a more relaxed look where same toned jackets, slacks, and skirts create a suit. Both look professional while one look is a little more relaxed and casual.

Complete the Look

Now that you have your your 60 second “dressed up” outfit, it’s time to complete the look.

  1. Coordinate shoes and bag any way you want while selecting your most comfortable and functional pair for the occasion. When you need to make an impression, heels always say, “I’m dressed and ready, and, I’m serious about where I’m headed.” Even low kitten heels will serve this purpose. Just make sure, the footwear you choose serves the upcoming event in case there’s a lot of walking involved. For these events, we usually opt for slacks and flats.
  2. For other accessories, take your pick of simple or statement jewelry. Choose statement pieces for bold impact or simple pieces for a minimal and classic look.
  3. For cooler weather, choose a coordinating scarf to complete the look. When wearing solid basics with a print top, we always opt to pair our top and scarf with a matched print  when we want to make an ultimate statement of style.
  4. A quick up-do or simple chignon always looks more dressy with longer locks. For short hair, combed or slicked back makes a fresh and wide-eyed impression.


yours truly, deb schlier

Business Professional to Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe
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