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How will you defy the ordinary?

I’m not in the mood, but I don’t look like it...

4 Ways to Fake It When You're Off Your Game

There are days when you can barely roll out of bed because you just can’t seem to cope with yet another day of…well, whatever it is…

You woke up with those lingering feelings that just didn’t dream themselves away. For me, whenever I’m having a bad day or issues I just can’t deal with, things I’d rather not face, or just feel emotionally drained over, I just want to go to bed and sleep it off because waking up will leave me feeling new again.

Why? Because my psyche has been given time to process and accept whatever I dreaded and left me feeling lifeless and wanting and out of place. But what about those days when it continues to linger on even without a good night’s sleep? You’re emotionally hung over from a bad argument with someone you care about, you’re stressed with work, or you just can’t shake off a disturbing problem or situation. Or maybe, last night’s happy hour was a little too much fun and you’re still feeling it this morning!

Whatever the case may be, you still have to roll out of bed, show up, and face the day. I know. You’re not in the mood to “glam up” as usual but you don’t have to look like it. Just because you can’t throw on those comfy sweat pants and worn out tee you love so much doesn’t mean you can’t still look great and be comfortable at the same time.

With a few well-rounded pieces in your closet, you can disguise those blahs just by grabbing a few key pieces. And the best part is, you can feel cozy knowing you still look your best.

How to look like you're on top of things...even when you don't feel like it...

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Maximum Impact Kimono Wraps

Throwing on a gorgeous and flowy kimono wrap over a simple, solid dress or your most comfortable matching top and leggings somehow turns everything around.  Add a few choice accessories and you’re an instant fashion statement in true signature style.  Any of our kimono wraps, coordinated with solid separates create super simple dressing options with the ease of wearing daytime-appropriate comfort wear just short of your own pajamas.

Scarves as an Outfit Distraction

Pick your favorite, most comfy solid outfit or separates.  Then add your most stunning and eye-catching scarf.  What can we say, but “wella!”  Ultimate simplicity becomes instant style and whatever your “blah” may be that day just became instant “wow.”

Chic Spandex Dresses

You can’t get more comfortable than a chic, slip-on, spandex dress.  Our dresses are sleeveless so no matter the temperature, you can dress appropriately with blazers, wraps, sweaters, or scarves…or none at all.  If you don’t have one of these types of dresses in your wardrobe, you’re missing out on one of the easiest 60 second, “I’m not in the mood but don’t look like it” outfits you can have.

Accessories Save the Day

Create a flagship pair.  Our most comfy “I’m not in the mood” garments always seem to be black or blue, sometimes beige or brown.  And the easiest way to put together that super quick outfit is to coordinate a one-color ensemble.

To give it that “I’m not in the mood but certainly don’t look like it” style, top off a monochrome outfit with one of these matched options:

  • a shoe and handbag set
  • a shoe and scarf set
  • a scarf and bag set
yours truly, deb schlier

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