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Building a Fairer, Safer, and Cleaner Fashion Industry

Ethical Fashion & Sustainability

What a world we live in… Either by shameful disregard or sheer ignorance, in years gone by we’ve been destroying our planet and it’s catching up with us.

We all agree that everyone must do what we can to rectify the situation and make changes to how we do things, what we produce, and how to clean up after ourselves.  We’ve all seen horrific images of how our wasteful ways and unmindful industries are polluting, destroying and depleting our natural resources and disrupting our planet.  We shudder at the thought of irreversible damages caused by past production practices.  This compels a large majority of us to adopt new ways of life…and business.

Many consumer industries, simply by the nature of the materials needed, play an important part in whether we succeed or fail in reducing unsustainable consequences for all mankind.

The textile industry is one such entity.  It is the second most freshwater polluter in the world.  We’re happy some manufacturers have learned to circumvent previous harmful practices that cause serious environmental impact by:

  • eliminating the use of toxic inks and dyes
  • revising wasteful practices
  • avoiding cheaply produced materials

We want to reverse the shocking direction of waste and pollution from the past.  So, we’re ethically sourcing materials and suppliers from a small group of trusted vendors that use holistic approaches in reducing their ecological impact.  This not only includes the use of non-toxic inks but recycling, transforming, or composting any waste materials as well. We source fabrics that are:

produced with less water and energy

free of flame-retardant, formaldehyde, or lead applications

use a printed pigment process rather than dyes

only produced by the amount needed on-demand

use recycled and transformed waste wherever possible

It takes twenty (yes, that’s 20)  2-liter bottles of water to produce a SINGLE yard of conventional fabric.

By using heat-transfer pigments and other textile printing techniques, this is reduced to just a few drops instead of gallons and gallons.

Since we only print fabric and produce our items by Custom Order or in small quantities for our studio events, there are little to none in leftover materials and products. This significantly reduces our environmental impact for the products we create.

Building a Fairer, Safer, and Cleaner Fashion Industry

In addition, our Exclusive Production items are made with a social conscience. They’re created with supplier and production resources that are committed to funding special literacy programs that improve the lives for so many illiterate peoples around the world. Your purchase of every one of these items, not only gives you a beautiful quality product but it also helps to change the lives of so many for generations to come. Beyond environmental sustainability, we practice, believe in, and select our resources with these key factors in mind:

Social Conscience

Fair Trade


Living Wages


Gender Equality

Good Working Conditions

Join us in building a fairer, safer, and cleaner fashion industry.

yours truly, deb schlier


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