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Oh, For the Love of Shoes

Oh, For the Love of Shoes

For those with a serious addiction for shoes

Oh, For the Love of Shoes

I have a secret. I love shoes. All my female friends (and lots of male friends) are in love with shoes.

We all seem to have hoards of them hiding in our closets and under our beds. And we secretly desire a huge walk-in closet with special compartments just for our shoes.

Have you ever counted how many pairs you own? If you’re slightly embarrassed, don’t be. You’re in Shoe Lover’s Paradise right now and we all have the same secret. Some of us even put our most prized pairs on display because they’re such beautiful works of art with such sensual sculptural qualities. Then we ultimately swoon over them at every glance.

Now let’s get things straight. Owning dozens of pairs of shoes is not a foot fetish. It’s a SHOE fetish. And shopping for them, touching them, and ogling at them, is like feeding an addiction. And for us, it is literally and figuratively … Shoe Porn.

Why do we love them so much?

They always fit no matter what the scale says. They complete an outfit or change it altogether by pairing it with a different kind of shoe. They tell a story by the type or style that they are and the character in their features and design.

And functional. You need different shoes for different kinds of weather. Different kinds of activities. Different moods and occasions. And, just to make you feel, well… different when wearing them.

Shoes are like fantasies

Even Cinderella is based on a damsel who perfectly fit the shoe. You get to dream a little with every pair you try on.

We especially love it when someone compliments our outfit. But when complimenting our shoes… you’ve totally stolen our hearts. You’ve seen right into our soul. As women, we are proud owners of exceptional shoes and we’re ecstatic when they’re noticed… and even adored by others. It quite simply equates to being adored ourselves.

Shopping for clothes and accessories are one thing but shopping for shoes is a whole different thing. It’s like going on safari – a primordial hunt, the chase, and then the kill when we find the that scrumptious pair we CANNOT live without. The perfect pair of shoes invokes a certain image as we kick back our heel with the excitement of a kiss, or, lift and point our toe with seductive speculation.

Why we love them so much

We adore them because they play with our identity in an excitingly fluid way.

Shoes can be instant sex appeal, instant comfort, or, instant glamor. We step into them to become the person they conjure, then kick them off to relax into another self altogether as if to say, “I want to be in her shoes, now.”

No other piece of clothing allows you to express such physical freedom, so easily. The most enticing part? Unlike other parts of your wardrobe, just by looking down, you can always see yourself in your own shoes, no mirror required. And who doesn’t look gorgeous when you see yourself in beautiful shoes?

So we dare you. Walk a mile in our shoes and decide for yourself. How do they become you? Who do you become? We hope you say, “I am a work of art and I will seduce you with all that is beautiful.”

Now, while you’re walking around all confident and sassy in your gorgeous new shoes, don’t forget to sprinkle a little extra magic with every step you take.

Thrill of the Hunt

yours truly, deb schlier

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