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We participate in a variety of designer and third party marketplaces so that our art is seen and available to art and fashion collectors everywhere.

It also creates a wonderful opportunity for our patrons to make purchases in wider price ranges making it affordable to everyone. This lends an especially delightful opportunity to have artworks printed on a surprisingly wide variety of desirable products and fashion items.

Visit this Marketplace Directory to browse dreamy possibilities... We'll give you all our supplier options so you can choose exactly what suits you in quality and price.

What's your favorite art, fashion, and leisure activity?

We want your opinion.

What kind of art and design excites you the most? Which fashions flip your skirt? What would you like to see more from us? We’re dying to know! We don’t want to be common but of an extraordinary nature. And, your opinion, no matter what it is, points us in the right direction.

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What’s in the studio?

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you may have noticed the various changes that have taken place on my website, as I continued to create new work, try out new ideas, expand my brand and artwork into new markets, invent new collections…and the list goes on… 📜

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Our mission is to create garments that nourish positive self image for women around the world by clothing them in beautiful works of art.

…for the love of beauty in all things…

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