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Aries by deb schlier

Aries, the Ram

Aires, April Zodiac, Astrology Birthday T-Shirt

Aires, April Zodiac, Astrology Birthday Design

Ruled by Mars

March 21 to April 19

Aries, known as The Ram, is the sign of leadership and action or how they present themselves to the world – the first impression they project. Aries is energetic, forceful and outgoing. They are eager to participate and do more when passionate about a worthy cause.

With Mars as its ruling planet, this sign is masculine and associated with fiery shades of orange and red. They possess potency as a warrior archetype and are often athletic with deep reserves of power and courage when needed.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and ruler of the first house, which is entered by the sun on or about March 21st.  The first house represents Self and your individuality. 

Aries is a Cardinal sign that flows at the start of Spring. It represents yearly rebirth and renewal of growth that is bursting with enthusiasm and reawakening. 

Since Aries’ element is Fire, they are creative, self-sufficient, and possess an active zest for life. Aries is strong willed and self-assured in carrying out their tasks.  Ancient astrologers thought Aries to be akin to the divine light of the stars and the vital life-giving rays of the sun. The Ram’s affinity for inspiration, impulsivity, and assertiveness are kindled in the fire element.

In mythology, the Ram was known as a beautiful and unique creature with golden fleece that had the ability to fly. Its constellation outlines the Ram and is between Pisces and Taurus.   

Today, Aries’ are known for their “head-on” approach with life.

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Aries Ruled by Mars

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