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dreamy, visionary artist's wing designs:
Fantasy Wings Collection

Fantasy Wings Scarves Collection

deb schlier announces her Fantasy Wings Collection of mystical fashion scarves


Artist and designer, “deb schlier,” is announcing the public release of her Fantasy Wings Collection. Each scarf is individually printed and finished with the designer’s original artwork and vision of a winged fantasy.

deb schlier is known for helping women dress with individual style using unusual and striking wearable art scarves. Each scarf is its own individual work of art. Each empowers women to dress with confidence and inspire them to live their dreams.

Thus, for the first time, deb schlier has created an entire scarf product line of her favorite and most popular feather wing designs. The entire Fantasy Wings Collection is now live at website where the limited edition scarves are scheduled to sell out by the end of the season.

The collection includes six different designs and color schemes.

Each one is designed to showcase a fantasy bird or angel wing design that takes flight with beauty and finesse. Each design commands its own color, theme, or fantasy by the type, color, and gesture of the composition. Each scarf cloaks the wearer within the fantasy, and she becomes a part of the art.

Several scarves come in golds and neutrals to capitalize on this year’s color trends.

Some scarves are made with pure silk which means women will be able to enjoy luxury at an affordable price by buying directly from the artist. Others are natural rayon and crepe or chiffon, all luxuriously soft and silky.

Each design is available as an oversized square or extra-long rectangle.

Scarves in the Collection:

  • Scarves are oversized and extra-large at 26 x 80 inches and 55 x 55 inches.
  • They’re made from pure silk, natural rayon, crepe, or sheer chiffon.
  • Each scarf is created from the original artwork and vision of deb schlier.

The Fantasy Wings Collection scarves range in price from $79 to $160.

deb schlier is excited to welcome her art lovers to the new bird and angel wings scarves line they love so much.

“My Fantasy Wings Scarves are beautiful fashion pieces as well as compelling textile art in their own right. They are gorgeous when framed and create mesmerizing fields of imagery that ignite a hypnotizing, secret life of their own.”

Blue Angel Wings Scarf, Framed

Her collection also includes matching note cards for each wing design that expresses an inspirational and empowering message. These blank folded note cards are used as an “any-occasion” greeting card; however their large 5 x 7 inch size also makes them suitable for. Coordinating note cards become the perfect gift message card to include with each matching scarf when purchasing as a gift, including for yourself.

About deb schlier 

“deb schlier” started designing textiles after she left her IT career. She was classically trained as an artist before becoming a museum curator. Later, she developed a strong interest in computers, and became a self-taught programmer before working her way up as an IT manager in a Fortune 500 company. She has come full circle now, back to her art, but with newly updated skill sets.

deb schlier’s products have gained notoriety amongst the art fashion industry. She was invited by Le Galeriste, VIDA, and RAWartists to be part of each of their community of artists and designers.

yours truly, deb schlier


For more info or an interview with deb, please contact us.


deb schlier, designer

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