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How We Defy the Ordinary to Make Every Woman Truly Believe She's Already a Work of Art

Every woman is a true work of art.

Some of us just need a little convincing.

ShowroomMuseums are filled with works throughout history depicting women in every facet of their beauty, real or imagined.  They’ve been the artist’s muse, the strength behind the man, the creator of life, and the sculpture of fashion.  And it’s time women started to believe in their value and worth as the pillar of societies just as much and even more so than men. When she doesn’t believe in the power she holds, she stands on the sidelines in submission, a wallflower of affections and contemplation.

If you don’t see the beauty of your female nature or don’t feel like a work of art, it’s time to stand up and be recognized.  All it takes is courage and a little bit of self care to instantly boost your confidence and say yes!  I AM a work of art, now get out of my way so I can get to my closet!

Even on days you don’t feel like it, you can still be all that and even more.  We design clothing and accessories as art so you can instantly become our muse simply by tossing on a scarf, or combining it with your jeans and jacket.  For professional work wear, our easy cuts and bold color take you away from the boring sea of neutrals and give every woman an extra touch of Boardroom Power beyond the ordinary.  Go big, or go small, but just go with it and take your personal signature style to new heights just by defying the everyday fashions found in every store in town.  Seek opportunities to think creatively when styling your outfit.

So how do WE do that?

In order to make our clothes and accessories work for YOU, we focus on a few key concerns to make sure you look and feel invincible, polished, and, classically styled.


We create clothes and accessories that are not only gorgeous but feel comfortable and are easy to live in.  They can go easily and appropriately from day to night while giving us a fantastic silhouette and polished appearance.


We use simple cuts and lines that give the greatest styling versatility so each piece can be worn in a wide variety of ways and combined with a wide variety of pieces you already own.  We don't care how things look on hangers, we care how they look on you.  That's why they're properly proportioned for real women's bodies.


We know that the key to looking like a work of art, is FEELING like one.  That's why we source everything with the most luxurious fabrics we can print our designs.  We opt for the most comfortable, softest, and silkiest textures so you'll feel drenched in luxury.


We don't want our work to be like anything else out there.  Every design has it's own unique origin that also makes it unique from what everyone else is wearing, what every other designer is doing, or what you already own.  We not only want you to be a work of art, but we want our fashions to be works of art in their own right.  We think this not only creates a great-looking outfit, but a great-looking YOU.

We’re not a traditional retailer.  We’re artists and dream weavers. We create with you in mind.  We produce clothing and accessories with your personal needs and desires in mind.  Because we’re real women with real bodies, we structure clothing that is properly proportioned.  Unlike other male dominated big name brands and big box manufacturers who simply scale their patterns larger without consideration for disproportionate shoulders and hips, we take care to ensure our patterns are properly sized without scaling the entire pattern disproportionately.Peacock Wings Long Silk Scarf

Our goal is to celebrate and empower women to step outside the traditional ways of fashion and dress how you feel each day.  Is it bold with unlimited energy?  Is it content yet invincible?  Is it excited and playful?  With our wide array of colors, patterns, and design themes, we give you plenty of options for creating the wardrobe of your dreams by adding a few simple, artistic pieces to your repertoire.  Even a single signature piece can transform a closet full of tired and lifeless outfits into an intriguing and extraordinary palette.  Aren’t you ready for a change?  What color empowers you to feel like a work of art?

We’re not an ordinary online boutique, either.  We don’t do trendy. We do timeless fashions that cater to busy women with obligations tugging from every side and who don’t have the luxury of time.   Since you never actually have as much time as you think to rush home from the office to change for after-work drinks, spur of the moment dates, or business dinners, you want pieces that can easily transition from one to the other.  For that, look no further than

By creating “yoga-inspired” wardrobe staples that are soft and silky to wear, drape beautifully, and stay fresh over the course of a 16-hour day, our clothing exhibits the same stamina that female trailblazers bring to their careers and also their extra-curricular activities as wives, mothers, and best friends.  Our fashion line caters to busy women who love culture, art, the extraordinary, AND who want to look like a million bucks while defying the mainstream stereotypes about women and fashion.

As women, we’re constantly on the go. Going to work, going to appointments, going to museums, going to restaurants. So when it’s time to go to the airport, our clothes and accessories work not only for your flight but all of those situations when thoughtfully coordinated.

We want to inspire you to create a bespoke personal uniform. Stock your closet with staple items that fit, flatter, and make you feel good.  Then enhance them with the final artistic polish of beautiful wearable art pieces that flawlessly coordinate with every one of them.  Before you know it, you’ll not only feel like the work of art that you are, but you’ll look like a sculpted and priceless one of a kind.

That’s what fashions for everyday life and living should really be and our mission is to help you do just that –  create outfits that nourish positive self image by clothing you in beautiful works of art that feel comfortable, luxurious, and enhance your personal style.


yours truly, deb schlier

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