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Gemini by deb schlier

Gemini, the Twins

Gemini, May Zodiac, Astrology Birthday T-Shirt
Gemini Zodiac T-Shirt
Gemini by deb schlier
Gemini by deb schlier

Ruled by Mercury

May 21 to June 20

Gemini, known as The Twins, is the sign of communication, logical thought processes, and the conscious mind. Geminis can experience two sides of things at the same time because of their dual nature.  

With Mercury as its ruling planet, this sign is masculine and associated with shades of yellow. Their tendency for self-expression is strong and they are just as interested in sharing information as they are at collecting it.  They have an innate ability to adapt to new situations quickly which easily gains them friends and social contacts.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and ruler of the third house, which is entered by the sun on or about May 21st.  The third house represents communication and highlights the role of intelligence.  In this case, there is a natural grasp and practical sensibility to use conscious skills.

Gemini is a Mutable sign that flows between Spring and Summer. This leads them to go with the flow with their keen adaptability.  They will typically conform rather than stand their ground so long as doing so is for the greater good.  Since Gemini’s element is Air, they take an intellectual approach to life.

In Greek mythology, the twins that eventually became associated with Gemini were called Castor and Pollux. When the inseparable brothers went into battle with their cousins over the women they wanted to marry, Castor was mortally wounded. Pollux then asked Zeus to share half of his immortality with his brother. Zeus placed the twins among the stars as the constellation Gemini, granting them the ability to travel between Mount Olympus’ home of the gods and the underworld in Hades.

Today, Geminis are known for their congenial and social nature yet having a duality in their character as represented by not one but two souls.

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Gemini Twins

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