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Casual Garden Party Attire

Casual Garden Party Attire

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Become a Goddess of Earthly Delights with the English Garden Vines Collection

The English Garden Vines Collection… my garden of earthly delights…

Vines of Love Embroidery by deb schlier
Vines of Love Embroidery
English Garden Vines
English Garden Vines

This design originated as a custom designed embroidery pattern consisting of intertwining leaves and vines. They weave in and out around decorative Victorian letters composed with the motif of modern artist Robert Indiana‘s graphic LOVE painting of 1966.

After photographing the completed embroidery, I started manipulating the digital version to create other designs which are suitable for textile printing.  The original design was deconstructed and then reinvented with a kaleidoscope of pieces collaged into a whole new pattern.  Various filters, brushes, and other digital applications end with an advanced textile design ready for printing.

Become a Goddess of Earthly Delights with the English Garden Vines Collection
The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, c. 1484–1486, is revisited with a modern twist.

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Become a Goddess of Earthly Delights with the English Garden Vines Collection

Even if you aren’t invited to an official Garden Party, there are still lots of occasions where outfits with a garden party feel are refreshing outfit choices.  Most all spring and summer gatherings, lunches and dinners, as well as, movies and shopping become prime occasions for a smart yet casual outfit.  English Garden Vine patterns with restrained gold motifs on a white background create a perfect backdrop for essential warm weather outfits.  Whether you coordinate these pieces with minimal matching green or white garments or contrasting them with bold statement colors like gold, or red, or black, you’ll find dozens of ways to pair each piece with your own wardrobe.

In true garden party style, the centerpiece of any outfit is a fancy floral or foliage item that becomes smitten with visual romance. Dressy casual attire, or what is sometimes called smart casual, is a combination of relaxed and refined pieces. Neutral colors and beautiful prints are key, with a definite emphasis on lighter, “nice-but-not-too-nice” attire for what is a more casual, but still very special, event.

For separates, choose flowing blouses or dress shirts, dress pants, dark jeans or skirts. When keeping the weather in mind, smart wraps or light jackets may also be in order. You’re coordinating a key look that is visually flowing, light and airy, even when choosing darker pieces. Mix a dressy element, like tailored slacks or a very feminine blouse, with something completely informal like a sweater or a pair of colored jeans. Try pairing a favorite casual skirt with a graphic t-shirt, some wedges and eclectic, fun jewelry. You are effortlessly pulled together when using some of your more formal and professional attire and then working around those items with casual textures and graphics.

Garden Chic is attire that is dressy but not formal, effortless but not casual typically with wedges or flats, so as not to sink in the grass. It’s a look that is comfortable and relaxed, yet smart, classy, and crisp.

How should you dress for a summer garden party?

  • Choose lightweight fabrics. An outdoor event, especially in the heat of summer, calls for breathable, lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen.
  • Bring a layering piece so you’re prepared for inclimate weather changes. This can be a jacket or wrap draped over your shoulders or a large scarf tied to your bag.
  • Embrace floral patterns for their seasonal and feminine allure. Delicate prints can also add a casual edge to keep an otherwise over-dressy separates much less formal.
  • Wear wedges, flats or block heels that won’t sink into the grass at outdoor events. Flat slides or mules are preferred by many for total comfort.
  • Pastel and neutral color schemes allow vibrant outdoor surroundings to enhance the overall ambiance.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize! The greatest fun in putting together an outfit is the accessorizing with hats, scarves, sunglasses, jewelry, and bags.

And lastly, honor the host by bringing her a lovely bottle of wine…or her other favorite refreshment. Such a wonderful way to say thank you for her invitation and efforts in planning the event.

English Garden Vines Collection

Fashion Design Contest Winner

  1.  2nd place, Member’s Choice, 35 entries
  2.  3rd place, 2018 Contest, 290 entries
  3.  3rd place, Any Set with Flowers, 127 entries
  4.  3rd place, Dolls! 73 entries
  5.  6th place, Hello, 2018! 35 entries
  6.  7th place, Best of January 2018, 123 entries
  7.  7th place, Women Together are Strong, 35 entries
  8.  8th place, Wedding Guest, 133 entries
  9.  10th place, Show a Little Love, 185 entries

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