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Sun Sign Paperback Journals Collection

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Published by Amazon

Now available in paperback and published by Amazon, cosmic metaphysical designs by contemporary artist, deb schlier expands the astrology themes of each sun sign in the Zodiac Collection.

The collection explores star sign themes that create mythical personas in color schemes and symbolism that represents each sign.

A must for the enthusiast, student, and collector of Astrology and Zodiac art, journals, or workbooks.


Bring each day to life with moments of calm and clarity in your self journey through astrology. Whether you’re looking for a notebook to record your innermost personal thoughts, record your astrological life events or just somewhere you can jot down your appointments, notes and important phone numbers, everybody needs a beautiful zodiac journal.

  •  Use this blank book as a diary, journal, field notes, memoirs, travel logs, etc.
  •  6 x 9 inch blank Notebook Journal and Diary with self-guided Table of Contents, Important Dates, Birthdays, Emergency Medical Info, Address Book
  •  Astrology Cheat Sheet
  •  Gorgeous decorative and numbered pages with astrology symbols and a printed Vitruvian Man watermark
  •  Brilliant original cover art and book design by the artist.

A great gift for writers, creatives, artists, researchers, students, and everyone who loves astrology.   Perfect for Sister, Brother, Mother, Dad, Wife, Husband, Son, Daughter or Best Friend’s Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Holiday or Thank You gift.

Create your own notebook library with a journal for each sign. 

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