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Optimized for Tablet

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Full color Personal Growth Journal: Blank Lined Diary & Ruled Notebook serves double duty:

  • Instant download with clickable notebook tabs in PDF format
  • Includes optimized printer friendly versions of decorative papers & stationery
  • Print OR import into your favorite mobile note-taking app

This beautiful digital journal with clickable tabs by contemporary artist, deb schlier includes 50 artistically designed & watermarked pages for personal journaling with mobile devices or printed pages.

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Notebook Options with PDF eBooks 

PDF Download is available immediately when transaction is completed. 

Create beautiful notes on your phone or tablet:

  • To use on your mobile device, import into a note-taking app such as Goodnotes, OneNote, Notability, or Noteshelf, among others, and have all your notebooks right in your pocket.
  • Once imported you’ll be able to write, draw, and paste images directly into your virtual note pages using a compatible stylus for your device.
  • Tabbed sections and page menus with clickable links make navigating the entire notebook instant and easy on your mobile device since each main section and individual pages are only a click away.
  • eBook contains one copy of each page type (50 total) to duplicate as many times as needed inside your virtual journal.
  • 8 customizable chapters and colorful sections with 5 main chapters and 3 self-guided, prompted sections

Print your own Notebook:

  • Includes optimized stationery and template pages in a printer-friendly format.
  • Use in your own scrapbook, notebook, or 3-ring binder.
  • File contains one template of each page type (50 total) that can be printed as many times as you need.

Categorize topics by using different notebooks for all your special interests:

  • Course Topics
  • Recipe Collections
  • Professional Interests
  • Personal Journal
  • Hobbies
  • And more…

8.5 x 11 inch PDF notebook contains 54 artistic designer pages

Use as a diary, journal, subject notebook, for field notes, memoirs, daybook, travel logs, and so much more.

8 customizable chapters and colorful sections in all.

5 main blank chapters with clickable tabbed dividers: 
Design your own pages, write your own content & create your own illustrations
  1. Journal
  2. Priority
  3. Ideas
  4. Lists
  5. Reference
3 self-guided, prompted sections with clickable tabbed dividers:
  1. Contents – 13 linked stationery pages, 1 self-guided table of contents to note your own important pages
  2. Calendars – 3 templates for Important Dates, Birthdays, Monthly Events Calendar
  3. My Info – Personal Info, Emergency Medical Info, Address Book templates

Also included:

  • Gorgeous designer pages with cosmic themed & Vitruvian Man watermarks
  • 6 designer notebook pages
  • 7 blank, ruled, & grid drawing pages
  • 6 optimized printer-friendly stationery papers
  • Original book design with brilliant cover art by the artist

Everything you need…and then some…

Whether you’re looking for a notebook to record your innermost personal thoughts, or just somewhere you can jot down your research notes, lists, and important observations, every writer wants a beautiful diary or journal.

A great Birthday, Holiday or Thank You Gift for:

  • writers
  • teachers
  • professionals
  • creatives
  • artists
  • researchers
  • students
  • friends
  • family

There’s more…

  1. Look over our individual virtual journals and planners to supplement continued personal research in creating your very own Personal Research or Themed Library.
  2. Be sure to add a matching Desktop & Phone Wallpaper…
  3. Then supplement with other template and stationery packages to make your notebook project complete.


*  Purchase of this item does not transfer copyright. Design is for personal, private use only.
*  Its sale, reproduction, reinterpretation, diffusion, distribution, and use for commercial purposes is prohibited.
* You are not licensed to share, manufacture, copy, modify, or sell these files for any reason.
*  Since this item is an immediate digital, downloadable file, it cannot be returned.
*  With variations in monitors and web viewing devices, colors on your screen may vary slightly from the actual file.


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