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Fantasy Wings Collection Exhibition Catalog, Paperback

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The Fantasy Wings Collection: Exhibition Catalog: Artist’s Fashion Portfolio

Now available in paperback, this Catalog Raisonne and Fashion Collection of feather wing designs by contemporary artist, Deb Schlier includes over 90 full-color pages of design images, fashion plates, and gallery scenes with a brief history of the artist. The collection explores themes around fantasy wing personas in color schemes appropriate to each main subject. A must for the collector of fantasy art, fashion design, and female empowerment quotes.

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Fantasy Wings Collection Exhibition Catalog
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Besides almost 90 pages of full color photos and art, a selected listing of all the artist’s exhibitions, periodicals, curated shows and published works throughout a vast career.

The collection explores themes around fantasy wing personas in color schemes appropriate to each main subject. 

  • Blue, or pink, with white feather wings become themes of heavenly dreams.
  • Browns and golds become the flight of the Phoenix.
  • Reds and greens become a tropical bird in paradise.
  • Black feathers conjure themes of three-eyed ravens conquering time and space.
  • Brilliant blues and greens nestle into stylized, flowing peacock wings.

The masterful color palettes, compositions, and stylized symbolism create mesmerizing dream worlds and fields of imagery that ignite a secret life of their own.

Each work is purposefully made to tickle the senses and feast the eyes…to emotionally carry the viewer to otherworld’s of spiritually charged realities. They are thoughtfully designed to emphasize, side by side, a comforting familiarity along with a mysterious sense of beauty. Each design becomes a particular vision of self, and the viewer is enveloped within its message of female empowerment to strive higher and accept the challenge of personal advancement.

To more fully captivate the viewer even more, each design is printed as textile art and used in fashion design. In this way, the viewer not only imagines the fantasy through the visual art, but also lives inside the fantasy when wearing the garment.

Art loving museum fans, academics, students, curators, and collectors will drool over the gorgeous imagery and explode with imagination when browsing this artist’s beautiful image catalog.




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